Change Address on Driving Licence - Why You Should Do It!

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Circumstances often change in life and there are times when we need to move from one place to another, usually if we are going to live in a better home. Moving homes can be quite stressful because of the many things that you need to sort out to ensure the move is as smooth as possible. One thing that many people forget to do after moving houses though is to change the address on their driving licence.

Of course, even after moving into a new house, you still have plenty to do like unpacking boxes and placing the items where you want them to be, cleaning up, probably a bit of DIY as well which all lead to just one thing - making the house your home. It can take weeks or even months before you really settle in and what many people don't remember to do afterwards is to get the address details on their licence updated.

You could be fined up to £1000 if the details on your licence are incorrect. This includes wrong name and address. Most women change their surname after getting married and they should notify DVLA of this change. As long as you don't get into trouble and nobody finds out that the details on your licence are wrong, you'll be fine but the moment you get caught, you may get into more trouble than you bargained for. Insurance companies may refuse to pay claims by saying the address on your licence does not correspond to your current address and you may have been parking your car somewhere else.

How to update your address on your licence

You can change the name and address on your licence by completing the CHANGES section on the counterpart (green paper bit) if you have a photocard licence and sending it to DVLA in Swansea. You will need to send both the counterpart and photocard. You can also update your address online on DirectGov's website provided you have both parts of the licence, your passport and have details of the addresses you've lived at for the last 3 years.

It takes at most 3 weeks for you to get your licence back with the correct details. You may however need to update your registration certificate as well if you own a car. It is important to have the right information on your driving licence like name and address especially if you have a photocard licence because there are many places which require you to show proof of your identity and the driving licence is the only thing that has your name, address, date of birth and photo.

gices Published 12 Nov 2009

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anonymous_2 07 Jul 2012

I hadn't changed the address on my licence whilst I was temporarily not living at my house, I have all my mail redirected. I have just been caught for a minor traffic violation which I have admitted to, so I have to send off my licence. But it says on the letter that if my address is incorrect to fill in the appropriate part on the licence and send it back and not send it to the DVLA with the payment etc. should I do this or will they fine me for not telling them sooner. Any help would be appreciated.

anonymous_2 07 Jul 2012

I have applied for a new driving licence with my new address on but what do I do to my old driving licence card? Do I post it back cut in half? That's what I read somewhere. Many thanks.

anonymous_2 10 Jul 2012

Since dvla received my licence, I have changed address. How do I get it redirected to my present address?

gices 10 Jul 2012

You will need to contact DVLA and ask them whether they have already sent out your new licence. If they have and you still have access to your old house (or knows the person currently living there), it may be easier for you to go there and fetch it. However you will need to send it back so that your new address is listed on the driving licence.

If DVLA hasn't sent it out yet, then you can inform them of your new address. They will probably ask you to send a utility bill or something similar to confirm your identity along with the new address.

anonymous_2 24 Sep 2013

I moved house about a year and a half ago and didn't (not on purpose) notify the DVLA on my logbook. I have since had a parking ticket and, possibly, speeding (37ish in a 30) fine. I have just taxed my car again and noticed the old address. Am I in trouble?

elisagrace 08 Jun 2016

This article has really provided useful information. When I changed my new house I was completely unaware of this fact. It was only during the conversation with my friend he apprised me this fact and told me the procedure which I am going to share with you :-

If you want to change the name and address on your driving license, you can inform DVLA in the following ways:
Via Phone:
You can inform DVLA on phone if:
•You have moved to new address.
•Your name and address details are not correct.
•You are married or divorced and want to update your details.