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Driving Instructor Using Mobile Phone During Lesson

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robert-georgepayne 12 Apr 2016

My driving instructor uses his mobile phone, while giving me a lesson.

2 weeks ago, we was in Cambourne, and he was using his mobile, and behind us, was a police patrol car. He removed his diving instructor license from the windscreen, and said, "if we got pulled up, we both could get a fine".

May i ask, could i get done, when my instructor is using his mobile phone.

Now he is avoiding me and he has phoned to confirm, about my next lesson and i have passed my theory test, and now due to book my practical test, and i have brought a car, which he advices me to get. Please help.

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geraldinecox 22 Jul 2016

Read driving instructors code of practise and get his green window display number and report him.