Does extended driving test include both theory and practical test?

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JacquelineStoffels 25 Jul 2010

Driving ban for dangerous driving expires in August. I was told to do extended driving test. Does that include theory and/or practical? Can I start now to book for lessons?

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gices 27 Jul 2010

If you've been asked to do the extended driving test, then you'll have to do the theory test along with hazard perception and then a practical test which lasts for 70 minutes (standard test is roughly 40 minutes). You cannot book driving lessons or any tests unless you have a valid licence. Sometimes just before you driving ban ends, you are allowed to start with the theory but you'll have to speak to the DVLA to see if that applies in your case.

JacquelineStoffels 30 Jul 2010

How do I apply for licence? Does that mean I had to apply for a provisional licence first? Thanks for the information already provided..

jack_5 18 Jan 2011

How many questions for the theory test are there?