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Named driver no claims, does it exist?

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susansimpson170 18 May 2010

Can you build up no claims bonus as a named driver?

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gices 18 May 2010

Yes, you can get named driver no claims bonus with certain companies like Direct Line. Not all car insurance companies allow named driver to earn no claims bonus and those which do will give a discount to the named driver only when the latter takes out a policy of their own with them and only them. There are two things which you need to remember with named driver discount. First you only get the discount when you as a named driver take out a policy in your name with the same insurance company with which you've earned the no claims bonus and second is that the discount that you earn is not the same as the discount that you would have earned as the policyholder (it is usually less). Therefore if you were with insurance company A and have got 2 years no claims discount with them, you cannot use the discount if you decide to go with company B. It can only be used with company A, that is, it is not transferrable.