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How to Modify Your Car to Boost Performance?

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There are many people who spend a lot of money on their car to either make it look good or to boost the performance of the car. There are many ways to do this and some of the ways to boost your car are not as expensive as you may think.

Here are a few most common and cheapest ways to boost car performance without breaking the bank. There are many things you can do yourself to modify your car with the help of the internet but there are some things that require the help of an experienced and qualified mechanic or engineer.

**Performance wheels:**you could pay up to £1000 for better wheels that give you more flexibility and endurance.
Better brakes: prices will vary according to vehicle but they don’t cost as much as you may think.
Better spark plugs: the standard spark plugs only cost £3 maximum but by buying better spark plugs which cost from only £10, it means better ignition power.
Adding wing spoilers: this can be done by you and some companies even send you instructions and a video just to show how easy it is. You can buy them custom made or a universal brand that will fit most cars. By adding wing spoilers they make your car look sporty and also add some aerodynamics to the vehicle.
High performance radiators to keep engine cool: these are a must especially if you have changed the engine to give more horsepower. High performance radiators will keep the engine cooler for longer preventing it from overheating and breaking down.

Here are a few things which you need to remember if you're going to modify your car:

  • Remember that racing is illegal in most countries but there are planned events where you race legally
  • If you tend to speed a lot, it might be worth investing in a camera detector; it will beep in good time when you are approaching a speed camera
  • Insurance companies do not like modified vehicles so be aware that your insurance premiums may rise or they may cancel the policy

Modifying your car can be really good if you want more performance without buying another car. However some people modify their cars to reflect their own taste and to make it more unique. Everyone wants to be an individual and not be like everybody else and there are cheap ways to do it but remember there are consequences as well such as higher insurance premiums or chances that it will be harder to sell the car afterwards because some other person might not like the way the car has been modified.

gices Published 17 Dec 2009
Gices Abraham is the founder of Clever Dodo. He's a life coach and advocates the practice of MAM (Movement/Arts/Meditation) for a well-balanced and happy life. Born in Mauritius and now living in the UK, he usually blogs about fitness, music, spirituality and driving topics to pass on his knowledge.


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Jordan 02 Nov 2019

Same price to insure modified corsas as a standard one?

Modified corsas are nearly the same price to insure as a standard one? How does work out?

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gices 02 Nov 2019


Sometimes these things amaze me as well. Remember that quotes are calculated by a software which has been programmed with some logic and depending how much detail has been put into the logic, the quotes will vary accordingly. It's worth nothing also that different car insurance companies will give you different quotes because they have different ways of assessing your application for car insurance purposes.

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anonymous_2 07 Jul 2012

Spent a fourtune on a car stereo, check that the insurance company will cover the cost if stolen as most companies will only pay a nominal amount! Put some expensive wheels on your car when it gets stolen the insurance company will say the wheels contributed to it being stolen! Lowered your car that is classed as MODIFIED so if you have an accident they will not pay out! They will also not pay out if you have tinted the windows yourself without telling them! There are a hundred reasons why they won't pay out and they have a thousand more on top of that even a sporty exaust can count! Also condition of car counts, has it got good tyres? Brakes /steering joints /lights? Because if you have not they will not pay out!