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Is the named driver's licence required if the policyholder has an accident?

michelledonnelly 16 Apr 2017

I am named driver on elderly friends insurance and she has had an accident whilst she was driving but has asked for a copy of my driving licence for her insurance claim and am a bit unsure of why she needs this when I wasn't driving the car and am reluctant to provide it. Thanks

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gices 19 Apr 2017

Usually the driver who was involved in the accident may be required to provide details of their licence by either the police or the insurance company. So this sounds a bit dodgy. The only thing I can think of is the insurance company is trying to make sure all details provided on the insurance policy are correct before going ahead with the claim. In case they find the named driver did not have a licence, they could invalidate the claim and not pay out. However this is just my opinion, you are better off speaking to your friend to see why your licence is being requested.