Can a bailiff seize a car parked on my drive for non payment of a parking ticket?

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Can a bailiff seize a car parked on my drive for non payment of a parking ticket? (Not the car subject to the ticket). I am not the registered keeper of the car they may seize.

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SusanP Level 1

How do I respond to traffic violation letters for a car not in my possession

I loaned money to my partner to buy a car for which he became the registered keeper. As he owed me money, he transferred the log book into my name and then drove off in the car. He has not returned, and this has been reported to the police who advise that the car ownership and retrieval is a civil matter, although they are now investigating him for fraud. He has disappeared and is not responding to messages or calls. Until the matter is sorted, how do I respond to any traffic violation notifications he may have incurred, which are now being sent to me?

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gices Level 6

The person who received the parking ticket is responsible to pay the fine. If it gets to the point where bailiffs are involved, then they are only allowed to take things that the debtor owns. They cannot for example break into your house and seize the TV in your living room if it doesn't belong to you. Sometimes it happens though but you can get it back if you can prove that you don't own it, for instance you can show that the receipt is in somebody's else name. The same applies to the car parked on your drive - if you are not the legal owner, bailifss are not allowed to take it and if they do, you can sue them for doing so.

anonymous_2 Level 1

Is it legal for bailiffs to clamp my car on my driveway?

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