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i am having problems applying enough pressure to the handbrake to hold it on hills because of problems with hands

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gices Peaches
roycraven 11 Apr 2012


Peaches 17 May 2012
I would suggest a visit to a mechanic or car repair shop, if the handbrake is faulty you will need to pay for a new one. If you are still having problems then it may be with your hands so you will need to seek help from your doctor. Remember if it is health related you will need to inform the DVLA.
roycraven 25 Apr 2012
hands i can not apply enough pressure to pull it up far enough
gices 26 Apr 2012
The handbrake might be too tight. If it's difficult to pull it up before it engages, then this is a sign that it needs loosening.

Otherwise it may need replacing probably because it's started to wear out and cannot cope with the pressure when it's on a hill. When was the last time you change your parking brake?
gices 12 Apr 2012
I did not quite get your question. Is there a problem with your handbrake as in it needs tightening or do you have problems with your hands?