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help, debt collectors for car insurance

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helenchambers 08 May 2017

Me and my ex partner bought a car together on finance (both names on the finance) the log book is in his name and payments come from his account, the problem is i payed the insurance from my account so i was policy holder however, i only have a provisional license so he was named driver and car owner etc we split n i continued to insure the car whilst we came to an agreement on finances etc. i finally cancelled the policy with the insurers a few days after paying £75 for the next full month and they said i had to pay a final £75 (i was struggling at the time having become a single mum to two with a large house, bills and debts to cover due to ex 'shoving his head in the sand') I didn't manage to pay and forgot with one thing and another, I now have received a debt collectors letter saying they will be visiting my house tomorrow (letter only received today) i can't afford to pay it as i have since lost my job and nor can i afford for them to take anything from my house. i am told that i should't be liable my ex should even though the policy is in my name, as i said he is registered owner name driver on policy and the one with the full license not me.......where do i stand, can anyone help me, please?