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Dvla medical test

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debs198000 24 May 2016

Hi can anyone help me
My friend was addicted to tramadol & suffered a seizure which resulted in losing his driving license then his job. He went in to depression & began to drink for about 2yrs & lost everything. Anyway he has came out of all that about 14mths ago & is working etc and applied for his license back. He had his medical today & he said the doctor took blood and kept talking about being alcohol dependant which he is not. He had a few pints on sat nite for the footie & is stressing now that he will fail as he had no idea that it would be about alcohol. I think this is unfair as he lost his license due to a seizure which was caused by tramadol not alcohol.
Can anyone give us any advice as he is so stressed about it today.
Many thanks