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Leasing company not allowing me to be registered keeper unless I'm the owner

ColinBirchall 04 Apr 2014

Why will my leasing company not allow me to be the registered keeper of my car? They insist on being owner and the keeper.

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gices 05 Apr 2014

Sometimes the terminology used in the lease agreement can be confusing and that they are essentially trying to tell you is that they (The Lease Company) will be the sole owner of the car until the finance is paid out in full.

However, you as the lessee, will in no doubt be required to be the registered keeper so as offences can be sent to you. Many insurance companies will require you to be the registered keeper as well.

I'd probably clarify these things with them but in case they want to maintain their stand on being the registered keeper, then you can get insured at different places like Directline which understands these circumstances imposed by the lease company.

Different companies operate differently unfortunately.