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Fine for not wearing a seatbelt but ticket issued with wrong reg number

martinb 03 Dec 2010

Hi I got a fine for not wearing a seatbelt but I was driving my sister car and my sister had my car but on the ticket the police officer has put my reg number down. saying I wasn't wearing a seatbelt while driving my own car, but I was in my car and my sister was in my car.

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Amositeking 20 Dec 2010

The ticket was issued incorrectly and is unlawfull, this happened to me and I refused to pay it. Needless to say they cancelled it.

rabcnesbitt 03 May 2011

That's very interesting as the ticket I have been issued has wrong registration all be it by just one letter. Can I tell them I want to appeal it ?

Am I correct in assuming we are talking UK Laws ?