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What is the penalty for driving with no learner plates when I have not passed my test?

Scampy 07 Jul 2010

My daughter's friend has not passed her test but insists on driving her car on her own. What would be the penalty if she was caught?

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Peaches 12 Jul 2010

What an irresponsible driver and how come the mother does nothing to stop her? They are both breaking the law, the mother by knowingly letting her daughter drive when she knows she shouldn't and the daughter for taking the car without permission, on a provisional licence, not displaying 'L' plates and driving without supervision. The penalty for driving without supervision and not displaying 'L' plates has a maximum fine of £1,000 and penalty points between 3-6. The mother can also face a fine for letting her daughter driver her car knowing she only holds a provisional licence.

mrsnature 27 Jul 2010

No licence 3-6 points and up to £1000 fine. No insurance 6-8 points and up to £5000 fine. Possible disqualification. Huge insurance premiums in the future. Mother convicted of aiding and abbetting. Death by Dangerous Driving up to 14 years in prison, unlimited fine, knowing you've killed someone.