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Driving without L-plates and supervision and received court summons

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gices anonymous_2
Andy_3 20 Mar 2010

Hi there, I am in big trouble now. Since few months i am sick because of the driving offense that i made. I got 3 points on my license for driving with out full license and L-plates on my car. After one month i made same offense. I know i am a stupid. It's really a stupidity. Now i received summons from court. So my doubt is what kind of punishment do i get...? How severe it could be...? I am financially very weak. I can't afford much fine. But I am not bothered about license. I am much worried about fine only. I even sold my car after this incident. Can any one help me with your valuable suggestions pls. And also can some one tell me how to write a plea of mitigation letter. THANKS A LOT.


gices 26 Mar 2010

If you have been driving without displaying "L" plates which notifies other people that you're still a learner and you were found not accompanied by someone who is over 21 and having a clean driving licence for the past 3 years, you will face 3-6 points on your licence and a fine upto £1,000. Some people have got Fixed Penalty Notice of £60 but that really depends how serious the court classify your motoring offence. You need to be prepared to pay the maximum fine and if you get anything lower than that, then it is a bonus for you.

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

I drove my dads car on a provisonal licance and no L plates my dad was sat next to me and he has insurance but I don't and have to go to court because police caught me, what will happen?